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Confined Space Awareness Program (Supervisor and Rescue)

This course is designed for anyone who works around confined spaces. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to identify a confined space and understand its associated hazards. This program is a must for any employer with confined spaces on site or whose employees may encounter confined spaces during their normal course of employment. This course discusses, but does not certify confined space rescue methods. This program is delivered in one- two hour session.

Job Safety Analysis

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a proven process for controlling operating hazards and costs. The JSA is a participatory process, requiring input, feedback and cooperative effort from the line employees, supervisors and upper management. The course provides participants with a step-by-step overview of the JSA process, and examines the participant’s role in the JSA. The class is taught through lectures and demonstrations. Students analyze sample work tasks to familiarize themselves with the basic elements of the JSA process. This program is delivered in one two-hour session.

Emergency Procedure and Preparedness

Because accidents are never scheduled, being prepared and ready to respond with a plan from proper training and with the correct equipment can mean the difference between protecting and saving lives.

Electrical Safety

This training session covers basic information about electricity and the hazards of electrical shock, including methods to prevent electrical hazards. This training session also covers the skills and techniques necessary to safely work on or near exposed energized electrical circuits. Topics reviewed include the OSHA Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices standard, personal protective equipment, and selection and use of equipment. This program is delivered in one- two hour session.


Whenever maintenance on a machine is required, it must be properly locked out to prevent a surge of electrical energy from starting the machine and causing injury or death. Learn the proper precautions to locking and tagging a machine and the regulated requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Use

Fires need four elements to ignite. These elements can vary and they create different classes of fires. Because of this, fire extinguishers have different classifications. Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher and read the labels so you can kill the fire.

Fire Safety

Because fires can start in numerous ways, awareness of these potential causes and how to create a safe environment can prevent both fire-related loss and injuries.

Back Safety

Back injuries are exceedingly painful. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million workers suffer back injuries each year. Learn how to protect yourself and your employees by proper lifting and personal protective equipment.